AoC Cheats, Bots and Hacks

Starting to feel tired after launching the same combos over and over on the same mob? Still not satisfied with your leveling speed? Need a lot more gold or blood money? Want to start winning PvP fights in nine out of ten cases? Well then, what are you waiting for? You have come to the hidden community where all your AoC problems can be solved in just a few clicks:

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Age of Conan Hacks

Are you ready to step into the forbidden realm of Hacking? Want to try wielding Age of Conan Hacks instead of those dual axes? Think about speed hacks that can make your character run faster. Watch the value of your gold go sky rocketing all of a sudden. With the hidden network of game experts, programmers and staff, our members have always been working together to create the safest and most effective hacks possible for many other games prior to Age of Conan. Now you've found us.

Join now, and become a part of an Age of Conan hacks community where AoC hacks are updated quickly and removed as soon as they are flagged by Funcom. Our community welcomes AoC hack experts and inexperienced people alike. You can ask questions or exchange your programming and gaming knowledge in our forum under the great care of our friendly moderators and staff.

Age of Conan Guides

Are you looking for the most efficient quest path? The best place to grind for items and EXP? The biggest idea for making gold? The craziest but most effective PvP strategies? Look no further, you have come to the place where the elite of AoC players gather. Strategy Freaks is a community where many Age of Conan guide writers come to gather the edge of tips and tricks for their guides. We also feature original, expert written Age of Conan guides.

In addition to that, it is the place where elite players come to exchange their first hand tips and tricks that are not publicly available. You can rest assured that our AoC guides are updated regularly, given Strategy Freaks employs full-time staff to make sure of that. In case you encounter any difficulties, you can ask for help at any time. Are you ready to learn the best PvP strategy, gold making method, the best leveling path and the most effective build?

In addition, all Strategy Freaks members receive a $15 discount on all AoC guides offered by Killer Guides.

Age of Conan Exploits

Still leveling up and making a few AoC gold the hard way? Hate to grind, but blood money from PvP can't buy you everything you want? Try Age of Conan Exploits and you can play the game on a more exciting level. With Strategy Freaks' full-time staff and active community members actively posting Age of Conan Exploits, you can rest assured that Strategy Freaks is always providing new and up to date AoC exploits.

More importantly, our active community provides prompt responses to your requests. The administration team is always in touch to provide forum support and remove any non-working Age of Conan Exploits whenever they get fixed. The Strategy Freaks forum is also a place where game insiders gather. Participate in the conversation between veteran players, active gold farmers and elite PvP killers. Grab AoC Exploits and use them to your advantage before Funcom becomes even aware of their existence.

Age of Conan Cheats

Do you make a regular appearance on your opponents' kill lists? Tried your best but still can't get that set of equipment you've been wishing for? Now you can bring your opponents down to their knees. Join Strategy Freaks, to read and download Age of Conan cheats. Don't be a victim. You can never know whether your opponent is cheating or not. At least knowing what AoC cheats are available can get you out of a pitch.

Been farming for money for ages and still can't afford the item prices? Take part in our community discussion and learn Age of Conan cheats directly from elite gamers who log in to share their experience everyday. We also employ full-time staff to ensure that all AoC cheats are being updated in an appropriate manner.

Age of Conan Macros

Are you tired after long hours of running between one gathering point to another, just to find out that it was already taken? Can't land combo hits properly? Keep getting interrupted by the wrong key sequence? Why not simply download our Age of Conan macros and give it a try? You can skip all the hassle of getting combinations right and instead execute any combo you want within a single keystroke. And most importantly these AoC macro programs are very easy to use. Or add even more complicated and powerful features to these tools.

Our site also features a game expert community where elite gamers come to discuss issues related to Age of Conan macros. You can learn better ways of using these programs along with more tips and tricks for AoC macros. Become a part of this community today and download every program you will ever need to play Age of Conan at the highest level.

Age of Conan Bots

Still running quest after quest through an entire night just to get another character to the level cap? Is endless grinding for your next piece of equipment starting to become your waking nightmare? Then you need Age of Conan bots to help you out. Imagine, you can leave your barbarian or any other class online while you are away from the keyboard, out for lunch, at school or on a holiday leave. Become a part of this great underground community where expert gamers and programmers gather to share their AoC bots.

Join the discussions as community veterans exchange their botting techniques and tips to apply their Age of Conan bots to the fullest extent. Participate and learn, as elite programmers explain the tricks of their programs and apply them yourself. You can download all files from the forum in just a few clicks and let AoC bots do all the tiresome work for you.

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